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Donate for “Waste-Free Solutions”


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Today, more than 875 billion disposable cleaning wipes (sachets, wipes) are produced and used worldwide every year with ascending trend.

The amount of Disposable Wipes produced in 2018 was over 1.4 million tons, accounting for a not insignificant portion of the total 400 million tons of plastic waste in 2018 alone. And these huge amounts of plastic waste are generated year after year. Which means that much of it ends up in our rivers and oceansto the suffering of us humansanimals and our environment.

Therefore “we have a serious proplem with Disposable Wipes”.

Our guiding principle is “Recycling is good – Precycling is better”.

We are aware that this path is not in the interest of the large corporations as manufacturers of disposable wipes worldwide.

If you agree with this guiding principle as well and if you also like the waste-free solution of DropWiper, share this on your social network and donate to let others know about it too.

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