Unique Worldwide

DropWiper is a uniqe Multifunctional Device in the world

As Cleaning Device

Transform DropWiper into a Cleaning Device anytime, anywhere in seconds

As Disinfectant Dispenser

Transform DropWiper into a Disinfectant Dispenser anytime, anywhere in seconds

Clean Sensitive Surfaces

Clean your sensitive surfaces such as glasses, smartphones, tablets or instrument and control panels in your car anytime and anywhere with just one filling up to 600 times

Disinfect Your Hands

Disinfect your hands with DropWiper whenever and wherever is needed up to 300 times with just one filling

100% Sustainable

DropWiper is made almost entirely of 100% recyclable aluminum. The microfiber cloths are removable, washable and reusable. DropWiper causes no waste when used. Fill and use it as often as you like.

FreshyTec makes it possible …

Your All-in-One Multifunctional Device
► to clean sensitive surfaces streak-free &
► to use as disinfectant dispenser
in your everyday life wherever and whenever you want !
For you, your family, employees and customers.