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With DropWiper, we have developed and created a unique waste-free device for cleaning and disinfecting sensitive surfaces and for hand disinfection that stands out from all competing products in the market, not least in terms of sustainability, cost efficiency, functionality or even design.

DropWiper substitutes disposable wipes on the market in the relevant application areas, thereby preventing the generation of waste in very large quantities from the outset.

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DropWiper | your unique device for your everyday life

DropWiper | to clean and disinfect your smartphone

DropWiper | to clean and disinfect your tablet or notebook

DropWiper | to clean your glasses

DropWiper | to clean and disinfect the displays in your car

DropWiper | switch it into a Disinfectant Dispenser in no time

DropWiper | disinfect your hands wherever and whenever you want

DropWiper | simply refill it with the cleaning and disinfecting liquid of your choice as often as you like

DropWiper | substitutes a large amount of disposable wipes

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Sign up on Kickstarter

Sign up for free and without obligation for our campaign on Kickstarter