Personalization & Customization

DropWiper is probably the most indispensable and sustainable gadget for personal use in the customers’ everyday life.

At the same time, DropWiper is also the Perfect Premium Promotional and Merchandising Product that allows a wide range of different customizations.

In the meantime, values such as Sustainability, ECO-Balance, CO2-neutral production, Environmental Protection, Resource Conservation, Precycling, Recycling or Responsible Action, among others, have achieved a very high weighting among many companies, but also among their customers. More and more customers are taking these values into account when making purchasing decisions. Against this background, many companies are making great efforts internally to set and achieve new goals in this regard. But it is far from enough to meet these goals internally if they cannot be credibly communicated to the company’s own target groups.

This is exactly the function that DropWiper fulfills as a Premium Promotional Product and enables companies, regardless of their industry, to communicate their Sustainability Policy to customers in an absolutely credible and comprehensible manner.

An overview of the predestined areas of application of DropWiper as a promotional and merchandising product with projections for the individual sectors can be found in the DropWiper Industry Overview.

Upon customer request, we personalize and customize DropWiper with desired text and image data. Because DropWiper is also a perfect premium promotional and merchandising product, we can not only customize the product with a desired customer logo, but additionally individualize each product with a unique ID number (e.g. customer ID or membership ID) as a QR code.

The customization is scalable by the degree of desired personalization and individualization of the product according to own needs.

    • DropWiper without customization
    • DropWiper with customization (text/logo – laser marking in one color)
    • DropWiper with customization (text/logo – multicolor by UV print)
    • DropWiper with customization incl. uniform QR code (not individualized)
    • DropWiper with customization incl. unique QR code (individualized)
    • DropWiper Mobile Front-End with customization (only with DropWiper incl.
    • QR code)


For customization, the desired text and image data is applied to the high-quality powder-coated aluminum housing in one color by laser marking or also in multiple colors by special UV printing process.

Do you also want to design and customize your own DropWiper? No Problem!

DropWiper 3D Customizer is available for you to give free rein to your creativity and design DropWiper according to your own wishes from as little as 250 units.